Oil & Gas Services

Our group offers a large variety of exceptional services to the oil sector thanks to our experienced and specialized human resources. Some of the services we offer include:


Rental Services

Heavy Equipment

We have over 100 qualified employees and a modern fleet including 200 machines and heavy equipment: cranes, bulldozers, tippers, insulators, compactors, trucks, graders, fuel tankers, and more. 


Passenger Vehicles, Pickups and Buses

Within the framework of offering comprehensive solutions in transportation, we provide our customers with long term rental plans to match their operational needs, and place at their disposal a variety of modern brand vehicles from our fleet of over 150 buses, and diverse vehicles.


Construction Equipment

We offer our customers the ability to rent light equipment and construction tools such as scaffolding, motors, compressors and more. Not only do we offer competitive prices, we also ensure that all our machines and equipment is safe on site and we carryout regular maintenance and checkups. 


Rental and sale of mobile homes, offices and prefabricated rooms

Royal Clock is one of the first companies to specialize in manufacturing multipurpose furnished caravans (bedrooms, offices, kitchens, Laundromats, and mosques). We manufacture a variety of caravans at our manufacturing center staffed by experts specialized in manufacturing caravans customized to customer requirements. Our center manufactured over 150 caravans in record time. Our aim is to always manufacture caravans that are strong and comfortable.


Safety and Security Services

Security and Guard Services

Our security service ranks high on our list priorities due to its sensitivity and seriousness. Management ensures absolute commitment to safety and security regulations, as well as our own measures in this field, and that the implementation of these regulations and measures is closely and continuously monitored to guarantee that the highest safety and security standards are strictly followed.

In this context, management commissioned a special committee to create awareness amongst employees by organizing training on the highest surveillance and security standards. The company also offers surveillance and security systems and tools from other companies from all types of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)to safety tools. 

Services we provide also include security and guard services for shops and large shopping centers such as Al-Mukalla Mall. We also organize surveillance and security training courses that in line with modern standards, during which our team learn strategic tactics like the art of self-defense and dealing with dangerous and violent situations and armed attacks. Courses also include communication courses.


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2. Providing security and safety tools

Royal Clock offers the complete range of safety equipment including fire extinguishing systems, fire and smoke detectors and auto sprinkler system in addition to professional teams. We have worked on providing, installing and maintenance for Al-Mukalla Mall and Hyper Al-Mustahlek in Yemen (Taiz).


Manpower and Agency Services

We are specialized in providing laborers. We follow a strict system that involves training and qualifying labor, assessing their capabilities, and testing them to ensure readiness for field work. We have over 100 workers who have been tested and who have proved themselves ready to work in various sections such as drivers, chiefs, supervisors, specialists, technicians, and more. 


Information Communication Technology Services

Our team of multinational and multi-disciplined experts and engineers are highly experienced in IT system management, analysis, programming, management and accounting. To ensure we provide dynamic human resources, we invite additional team members for support when needed. We cooperate with a large number of academics and experts from India, Egypt, and Germany, We have partnerships with foreign security companies and we are the authorized agent in GCC and Yemen

Royal Clock is a leading company in the field of providing solutions for safe communication through satellites, and providing Internet in isolated and distant areas in Yemen through satellites. We have installed such systems at several locations including Al-Mukalla port for oil export and Al-Rayan Airport in Al-Mukalla in Hadhramaut, Yemen, and other locations.

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Networking, Consultation and Integrated System Programming Services

  1. Installing networks and hardware.
  2. Installing integrated software systems and user training. 
  3. Designing and implementing web applications.
  4. Analytical consultations on existing systems.
  5. Studying, analyzing and designing systems and programming smart devices.
  6. Maintaining technical development projects.
  7. Consulting in the field of operational engineering.


Surveillance and Monitoring Services

1. Providing and installing monitoring and control systems:

Royal Clock company aims to provide telecommunication that helps other companies in monitoring and controlling all their locations including offices, properties, and facilities, as well as large and isolated land, through installing modern systems and technologies, TV screens, communication devices, communication devices, sensors, and tracking devices.

2. Providing and installing surveillance camera systems:

Royal Clock is a leading company in the field of engineering techniques and specialized in the supply, design, installation and maintenance of different types of camera surveillance systems. The past decade witnessed a remarkable and extensive development in these technologies, in terms of form, size and durability in all weather conditions and during day and night surveillance. These technologies are an important part of the protection systems for locations, properties, private and public companies, particularly oil and investment companies.

Installing surveillance systems and control rooms:

Our company works on providing modern and advanced ICT to assist companies in monitoring and control operations. Our comprehensive staff of engineers and technicians are highly specialized in this area, and we have installed these systems in each of the following locations:

  • Hyper Al-Mustahlek, Al-Mukalla (Monitoring systems and control rooms).
  • Hyper Al-Mustahlek, Taiz (Monitoring systems and control rooms).
Our Achievements

Contracting and Engineering Consultation:

Our team members are specialized in engineering, architectural and civil consultation engineering, which means they are ready to embark on and execute various engineering works, studies, consultations, restructure supervision, control, auditing and providing expertise, testing and examinations, and small and large project management within various sectors including civil engineering, roads, bridges, urban planning, topographic surveys, treatment plants, soil testing, electricity, mechanics, agricultural engineering, economical engineering, training and qualifying, and all engineering activities.

Al-Mukalla Mall

Multiple activity shopping center located in Al-Mukalla in Hadhramaut, next to Khor Al-Mukalla, built on an area of 75.000 square meters.


Hyper Al-Mustahlek, Taiz, Yemen

The largest consumer and goods showroom in the Republic of Yemen, with a total area of approximately 65.000 square meters.


Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems

Royal Clock boasts a comprehensive team of engineers and technicians specializing in cooling systems and air-conditioning. Our company executed the installation, maintenance and supervision objectives with excellence for the cooling system at Al-Mukalla Mall, and Hyper Al-Mustahlek in Taiz, where two systems were installed: 

  • Cooling and air-conditioning system (Water chilling, AHU and HVAC systems).
  • Combined Cooling Units. 


Power Plants

Our company set-up power plants in several locations, and our integrated, highly experienced and highly qualified team of experts, engineers, technicians and repairs, executing and solving malfunctions. Projects include:

  • Establishing a power plant for Al-Mukalla Mall with a capacity of 3500 kilo watt.
  • Establishing a power plant for Hyper Al-Mustahlek in Taiz with a capacity of 1000 kilo watt.
  • Establishing a power plant in Al-Rayan in Al-Mukalla.
  • Escalators


Our company also operates in the field of installing escalators, and our integrated technical staff are experienced in escalator installation and maintenance. We executed installation and maintenance operation in each of Al-Mukalla Mall and Hyper Al-Mustahlek in Taiz.



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Logistical Services

Logistic operations are crucial in providing the competitive edge between companies around the world. In our opinion, success in logistics determines the status and the future of companies and countries within the global economy. 

In light of the above, and as a result of the continuous security operations executed in Yemen since 2011, Royal Clock has greatly developed the capabilities required in northern Yemen in the field of providing logistic services in the challenging conditions faced by the region. As such, our company has hired over 600 local employees with extensive experience and we have also established permanent offices in the province of Hadhramaut, in order to specialize in maximizing risk reduction and to provide full logistics support in terms of planning, designing and implementing all safety and transportation solutions including information gathering, transportation, inventory, storage, packaging and processing. 


Air Freight

We offer a full range of air freight logistics solutions with our program that focuses on continuous and rapid transportation, coupled with the ability to seize opportunities and to speed up deliveries. 


Maritime Shipping

As we are partners with Boulevard Maritime Transport Company, we offer a full range of shipping services, including re-routing, integration, container management via our contractual relations with shipping lines, which also allows us to be highly flexible in terms of time and scheduling. Royal Clock owns a fleet specializing in the field of maritime shipping, such as the ship (RANIAH) with a total load of 3125 tons, and with a capacity of up to 4850 tons.


Land Freight

Royal Clock owns one of the largest and most advanced land freight networks, and a modern fleet of trailers and containers, oil cargo tanks, cars and water transportation, mixing trucks, normal and multiple axis hydraulic trucks of up to 6 axes for transporting heavy equipment.

We have become a major contributor to the national economy by providing various logistical services and solutions, by using our company assets, and we gained the satisfaction of our clients by establishing of network of exceptional relations and encouraging communications between all parties at all levels.


Assets of the Transport Department

Major tankers 60+     Chilled isolators 25+     Cranes 20+     Trailers 50+     Forklifts 15+     Medium size shipping trucks 30+


Our Logistical Capacity

Staff 1000+     Customers 50+ locally & internationally     Legally listed 2011     Transportation 750+ High levels of shipment services & processes



  • 25,000 sq.m Storage space for large goods
  • 500,000 sq.m Open storage yards



  • Third party service provider, distribution and storage
  • Shipping and cargo transport
  • Customs storage and record management
  • Storage of hazardous chemicals
  • Types of Shipping Land Maritime-Air freight


Sectors we serve

  • Food supplies
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Institutions and organizations
  • Industrial products
  • Electronics
  • Oil
  • Gas


We defy all logistics challenges in all we do.


Our expanded presence in Yemen and neighboring countries. Not only do we overcome logistical challenges, but it is not enough to be the biggest company in this sector, rather it is our duty to serve the nation by providing its people with the best logistical integrate infrastructure possible. This in addition to supporting local and regional private businesses, businessmen, and merchants, and offering them with the best facilities and equipment. This in turn will support local economic growth and will bring benefits and profits to all Yemen’s business people and customers.


Fuel Transportation Services

We have available a number of different transportation options and tankers to supply fuel to our customers depending on their onsite needs. We supply fuel transportation services (diesel and petrol) by a variety of cargo vessels with capacities ranging from 90 to 20,000 tons, or from 50 to 200 tons, depending on the vessel.