A traditionof Excellence

Kardoos Holding

The first company in the Kardoos Holding Group was established over half a century ago in 1960 by Sheikh Hussein Saleh Kardoos Al-Tamimi in the city of Qaher, in Hadhramaut, Yemen. The group initially focused on real estate investments, agricultural production of cereals and palm trees, as well as developing animal resources.

Over the years, the group expanded by establishing strong partnerships with local and international companies. More importantly, Kardoos shaped its future through diversified investments and setting-up new companies, thus growing the family business into a holding group with 17 companies and over 2000 employees, with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE.


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Years in business




Bin Kardoos

Established under the guidance of Sheikh Hussein Kardoos Al-Tamimi, Bin KardoosFoundation is a humanitarian charity built on the founder’s belief of doing good for those in need, and the importance of helping to develop society for the benefit of everyone. It has also worked tirelessly to assist those displaced by war, particularly orphaned children.


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Oil & Gas Services

Our group offers a large variety of exceptional services to the oil sector thanks to our experienced and specialized human resources. Some of the services we offer include:

Rental Services.svg

Rental Services

Safety and Security Services.svg

Safety and Security Services

Manpower and Agency Services.svg

Manpower and Agency Services

Information Communication Technology Services.svg

Information Communication Technology Services

Networking, Consultation and Integrated System Programming Services.svg

Networking, Consultation and Integrated System Programming Services

Surveillance and Monitoring Services.svg

Surveillance and Monitoring Services

Contracting and Engineering Consultation.svg

Contracting and Engineering Consultation

Logistical Services.svg

Logistical Services

Fuel Transportation Services.svg

Fuel Transportation Services