Iskan Construction

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We specialize in designing and implementing roads, infrastructure, and prefabricated buildings, which comply with construction specifications and codes. We have designed and implemented several residential, commercial, administrative and roads projects; we always work to the highest levels of competence and professionalism.

Iskan Company also offers solutions for large-scale building and construction projects, which greatly contributes to nation building, and moving toward a bright future and a gradual shift from local to regional and global projects.

We offer building services and construction solutions by executing contracts for the public and private sectors, and prefabricated residences and building maintenance. Our policy focuses on achieving high productivity rates within short periods of time at the highest quality specifications to ensure continuity and good reputation.


Building Solutions and Hospitality Management

Iskan has placed construction solutions and hospitality management at the top of its priorities, launching its business under the slogan of quality and seeking to activate its role in CSR by providing the best of is available in the construction and development culture in terms of engineering expertise and through an extended chain of hotels, resorts, suites, and furnished apartments that combine Arab hospitality with luxury accommodation and design innovation.

Despite our achievements and successes, we continue to work on developing and modernizing our company internally in order to achieve greater excellence and leadership in this field.


Message and Statement

Iskan carries a clear message to its audience, this message is represented by our commitment to offering a pleasurable experience for all our guests at the highest levels of hospitality services, by investing in human resources and sparing no effort to understand and listen to the needs of our customers, and by providing personal services that exceed expectations.


Our Values

The following five points represent the essence of Iskan values:

  • Islam: We are committed to the true values of Islam. We uphold the values of integrity, fairness and honesty to achieve the highest levels of business ethics.
  • Teamwork and Passion: We create the spirit of pride, respect and enthusiasm among our employees through effective training and professional development.
  • Extraordinary Service: We surprise our guests with our ability to anticipate and take care of their desires with a commitment to accuracy and punctuality. 
  • Continuous Development: We encourage innovation. We apply best practices to continuously assess and develop management techniques, and to improve the quality of our products and services.
  • CSR: We strive to be productive members of our society, through active participation in improving our social surroundings and environment.