Clock Fly Company

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Clock Fly is a leading company that provides services to the aviation and airport sector. We are certified from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and we provide ground handling services at all airports in Yemen in partnership with international institutions. We cover all the needs of airlines including passenger services at the airport. 

Our services cover all ground handling activities such as managing stations, representing companies, passenger services at the airport, operating heavy equipment, handling, services, fleet services and coordinating with fuel supply contractors.


Passengers Services

  • Receiving travelers and taking care of routine baggage procedures.
  • Lost, destroyed and transfer luggage.
  • Receiving and guiding travelers.

Aircraft Services

  • Air traffic control.
  • Loading and unloading baggage from aircrafts.
  • Providing equipment. 
  • Providing power units, air-conditioning, and aircraft ground handling services.
  • Interior cleaning.
  • Water supply. Transfer passengers and crew of the aircraft between aircraft and the terminal building. 
  • Storage pallets, containers and other loading devices.

Cargo and Mail Services

  • Cargo and shipping services (hazardous, precious cargo and mail).
  • Categorizing.
  • Customs formalities.
  • Transfer and lost baggage management. 
  • Transfer and transit transactions.

Coordinating between control and communications and air services:

Preparing and distributing travel documents, customs permits, shipping documents, weather bulletins and travel programs.