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With an extensive experience of forty years in the field of catering for humanitarian and relief organizations, nationally and internationally, and catering for Hajj and Umrah, the Kardoos Holding Group established Royal Clock in 2010 as a limited liability company that offers a variety of services including catering, oil services, smart technology, security, surveillance systems, transportation and customs clearance, labor force, packaging and storage, local and international humanitarian and relief organizations, under any security circumstances.  

Royal Clock cooperates with companies in the investment industry, and oil and gas, public and private organizations, around the world from its headquarters in Dubai and through its subsidiaries in Al-Mukalla, Taiz, Salalah, Bahrain, Singapore and Berlin.

Our Differentiation

Our success is driven by the teamwork and exceptional performance of our employees, engineers, and technicians, who bring their extensive experience and outstanding capabilities into the mix. Our team is also multilingual, highly professional, dedicated, and experienced in overcoming challenges and obstacles. These exceptional qualities of our team allow us to provide the best services and products to our esteemed clients. 


Everything we are and everything we do comes within the framework of our deep commitment to our methodology of continued development, and use of advanced technologies and sophisticated resources in order to achieve the best results; protect our clients’ investments by constantly monitoring the market and its fluctuation; ensuring security and safety within our policies and procedures; and making sure that quality and reliability remain the cornerstones of all our clients’ projects.

Our Services

We are proud to offer best quality services in the following sectors:

Catering services

Oil & Gas Services

Government PRO and General Management Services

Humanitarian Relief, and Local and International Aid Services

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