Bin Kardoos Foundation

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Bin Kardoos Development Foundation was established under the guidance of Sheikh Hussein Kardoos Al-Tamimias a humanitarian charity serving the community and those in need. This emphasizes our founder’s belief in the importance of doing good and of giving, and the Sheikh’s commitment to social development.



  1. To provide humanitarian and charitable services, and medical assistance to the needy, displaced individuals, and those affected by natural disasters and wars. 
  2. To contribute to the care of widows, orphans and, in particular, poor orphans.
  3. To ensure that subsidies, handouts and donations are distributed to those who need it, especially on religious occasions like the holy month of Ramadan and Eids.
  4. To sponsor sports competitions, charity and religious events


Bin Kardoos Foundation Projects

  1. Group marriage in Hadramaut 2016.
  2. Sponsoring Hadramaut Cup 2016. 
  3. Camel racing in the valley of Hadramaut 2016.
  4. Cancer detection campaign in the valley 2016. 
  5. Sponsoring graduation ceremony, College of Engineering (Rubbat Al-Attas), Hadramaut coast 2016.
  6. Organizing Sheikh Zayed cycling race (Bakhet / Ghayl / Shaher), Hadramaut coast 2016.

The foundation focuses on the following areas

  1. Youth and women
  2. Social Work
  3. Humanitarian relief
  4. Health
  5. Education