Human Development Institute

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Human Development Institute was established in order to qualify trainees to meet the country’s needs and to contribute to the development of human resources in all sectors. The institute is equipped with modern training equipment and is considered one of the most advanced technical institutes in the region in terms of programs, training content and modern teaching methodology. 


Training System

Training at the institute is based on a two semester system. The institute offers a range of courses and skills training, and participating students must pass the courses according to the levels stipulated in the institute’s articles of association and in line with the evaluation processes at training institutes in order to graduate. Graduates will be qualified to work at the levels and specializations they studied. 

Training at the institute focuses on practical aspects, theoretical knowledge and training at construction and engineering sites, in order that trainees can develop the skills and capabilities required for today’s employment market. 


Graduates Work Opportunities

Our institute’s graduates have found work in ministries and state institutions, depending on their specializations. Job opportunities also exist at organizations and private sector companies.


Training Departments

Our training institute includes the following departments: 

  • Civil engineering.
  • Construction.
  • Architectural finishes.
  • Mechanical works.
  • Human Development.
  • Training and qualification.

Activities and Services

The institute offers trainees many sports, cultural and social activities, such as cultural trips, sports competitions, and seminars.