Cobra Company

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Cobra Company for Security Equipment Services is licensed by the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Commerce. We implement defense security system projects and integrated solutions in this field.

We have over 130 qualified, exceptional employees with a competitive advantage in providing professional, high quality services to our customers. We continually strive to ensure that our services exceed all the expectations of our customers, and that we develop and apply the standards of excellence.

Our Services

  • Prepare, train and qualify security personnel and guards in partnership with specialized international partnerships.
  • Import, supply, sell, install, operate and maintain security equipment. 
  • Supply and install protection systems against theft.
  • Supply and install border control devices. 
  • Supply and install control systems for smart homes and buildings.
  • Supply weapon and explosive detection devices.
  • Supply and install video surveillance systems.
  • Supply and install all types of sound systems. 
  • Install computer and telephone networks.