Al Mukalla Mall

al mukalla mall.svg

A multiple activity shopping center located in Al-Mukalla in Hadhramaut province, next to Khor Al-Mukalla. The mall was built on an area of 75.000 square meters, of which 27.000 square meters is the basic facilities containing restaurants, conference halls and even rooms, in addition to the Hyper Al-Mustahlek, automatic bakeries, shops and private shops and children’s entertainment areas. 

The mall is equipped with state-of-the-art technology in line with international best practices of the twenty first century in terms of ICT, monitoring, security, cooling, central air-conditioning network consisting of 45 central air conditioners and 9 chillers with a total capacity of 900 tons.


Conference and Event Halls

The conference and event halls are located on the second floor of Al-Mukalla Mall, offering the best services to suit all conferences, events, exhibitions, weddings and celebrations. We meet the needs of our customers and fulfill their requirements, regardless of number of guests as we have a large and a small hall, in addition to a separate hall for banqueting. 


Entertainment City and Creative Theater for Children

This city is home to different locations of physical and mental games for children. The theater offers cultural competitions for children aims to develop their intelligence, level of maturity and public awareness. As well as sports competitions that offer cash prizes for winners.



Al-Mukalla Mall rooftop boasts many restaurants overlooking a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea, and offering a selection of delicious dishes prepared by the best chefs from around the world.