Smart Resources Company

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Smart Resources is a leading IT company that continuously seeks to keep pace with developments in providing advanced software systems for businesses. Over our many years in business in the field of wired and wireless telecommunications, we have become known for offering a diverse range of services and innovations, from user-friendly integrated systems and software solutions at cost conscious prices. We have expanded our business to include infrastructure solutions, consultation, project management, training, business intelligence services and data storage.


Our Vision

To become a leading company in the region in providing software, networking solutions, and winning customer satisfaction.


Our Mission

Designing software solutions that meet customer requirements.


Our Experience

Since our inception, we have implemented many integrated IT systems in the public and private sectors including administrative and financial systems, data banks, planning, monitoring and production systems. Our services also include:

  • Design, develop, implement, and support a full range of next-generation services to support businesses.
  • Provide integrated solutions using advanced technology systems. 
  • Design, develop, implement and support electronic services.
  • Design special systems on demand.
  • Maintain and install computer networks.
  • IT consultation services. 
  • Provide systems and software training and qualification.
  • Team specialized in fiber-optic networks.