Al-Ferdoos Company

A leading company in the field of agricultural and animal resources; we specialize in the production, marketing, export and import of agricultural and animal resources, as well as producing the finest red meat, chicken, fresh milk and eggs.

We use modern techniques to achieve the highest levels of performance and quality production that position us as leader in our field.

Our directors insist that our company makes a positive contribution by developing wise policies toward improving production quality and that we remain true to our belief in this nation as we strive to take its capabilities to the next level. 

We offer our clients a range of services including full technical supervision for farms by a highly experienced and skillful technical team of veterinarians and agronomists. We also import and export agricultural products (plant and animal), agricultural supplies, and animal produce, as the company owns a fleet of specially equipped vehicles to transport products to other countries.

Our management continuously seeks to develop, grow and expand businesses and projects, and to raise the level of production toward boosting investments in animal resources.