Kardoos Holding

The first company in the Kardoos Holding Group was established over half a century ago in 1960 by Sheikh Hussein Saleh Kardoos Al-Tamimi in the city of Qaher, in Hadhramaut, Yemen. The group initially focused on real estate investments, agricultural production of cereals and palm trees, as well as developing animal resources. Over the years, the group expanded by establishing strong partnerships with local and international companies. More importantly, Kardoos shaped its future through diversified investments and setting-up new companies, thus growing the family business into a holding group with 17 companies and over 2000 employees, with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE.

Throughout the phases of expansion, diversification and development witnessed by the group’s operations over the years, we have adhered to the values of our founding father - may he rest in peace - the most important of which is maintaining the highest standards of quality for all our products and projects to guarantee customer satisfaction. Our team has gained extensive experiences in the commercial and investment fields, which has led to our great success. The hard work and dedication of our team had a strong impact of driving Kardoos Holding toward continued achievements, leadership, and positive contributions serving individuals and organizations, and enhancing the national economy in Yemen and the GGC countries.

Kardoos Holding currently covers the needs of individuals and organizations; from shopping centers, to travel services, oil and gas services, agricultural products, nutrition products, modern auto-bakeries, real estate investments, ITC, and construction - including the establishment of ice plants, auto-bakeries and more.

Kardoos Holding continues to grow by expanding its current business and by entering new markets and focusing on investment fields, in particular food production, the food industry - retail and wholesale, the establishment and management of shopping centers, in addition to the gas and oil industries through partnering with specialized global organizations.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in investment projects by adhering to advanced principles, thereby enhancing the economy of Yemen.

Our Mission

To offer top tier services and high quality products that meet the requirements of Yemen, and surrounding GCC countries.


Years in business




Our Companies

royal clock.svg

After forty years of experience in the field of catering as part of Kardoos Holding – working across both government and private sectors, and catering for Hajj and Umrah – Royal Clock General Trading was officially founded as a limited liability company (LLC) in 2010.

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al-ferdoos.png (1)

A leading company in the field of agricultural and animal resources; we specialize in the production, marketing, export and import of agricultural and animal resources, as well as producing the finest red meat, chicken, fresh milk and eggs.

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al mukalla mall.svg

A multiple activity shopping center located in Al-Mukalla in Hadhramaut province, next to Khor Al-Mukalla. The mall was built on an area of 75.000 square meters, of which 27.000 square meters is the basic facilities containing restaurants, conference halls and even rooms, in addition to the Hyper Al-Mustahlek, automatic bakeries, shops and private shops and children’s entertainment areas.

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Al Mustahlek hypermarket.svg

The largest consumer goods showroom in Hadhramaut and has a total area of approximately 5.200 square meters covering two floors. The space includes central automatic bakeries with a daily estimated production capacity of 3.5 tons of flour to bake breads, cakes and sweets. The Hyper Al-Mustahlek was designed to allow easy access and exit, plenty of parking, and quick services from provided by a large number of cashiers.

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bakery company.svg

Bakery offers customers baking and kitchen supplies, in particular automatic bakery for Arabic bread and pastries using the modern global technologies. Bakery is honored to place at your disposal the world’s most advanced ovens for pastries and confectionery, and automatic bakers for bread.

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Bin kardoos foundation.svg

Bin Kardoos Development Foundation was established under the guidance of Sheikh Hussein Kardoos Al-Tamimias a humanitarian charity serving the community and those in need. This emphasizes our founder’s belief in the importance of doing good and of giving, and the Sheikh’s commitment to social development.

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We offer logistic and shipping services by land, sea and air to a wide range of customers around the world.

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clock fly.svg

Clock Fly is a leading company that provides services to the aviation and airport sector. We are certified from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and we provide ground handling services at all airports in Yemen in partnership with international institutions. We cover all the needs of airlines including passenger services at the airport.

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Cobra company.svg

Cobra Company for Security Equipment Services is licensed by the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Commerce. We implement defense security system projects and integrated solutions in this field.

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We organize construction and central air conditioning projects for villas, hospitals, event halls, schools and shops, from design to the implementation, and in line with international standards. We provide our services to large companies, including (Carrier and York) in the supply of cooling and insulation units. We also supply cold rooms to store frozen meat, fish, beef, vegetables and fruits at temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius.

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human development institute.svg

Human Development Institute was established in order to qualify trainees to meet the country’s needs and to contribute to the development of human resources in all sectors. The institute is equipped with modern training equipment and is considered one of the most advanced technical institutes in the region in terms of programs, training content and modern teaching methodology.

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iskan construction.svg

We specialize in designing and implementing roads, infrastructure, and prefabricated buildings, which comply with construction specifications and codes. We have designed and implemented several residential, commercial, administrative and roads projects; we always work to the highest levels of competence and professionalism.

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nile company.svg

Our company specializes in water treatment. We offer the perfect solution for all drinking water problems which lead to serious diseases such as kidney failure, gallstones, and hepatitis, and we purify water from impurities, undesired taste, color, odor, and remove 95%of heavy metals and dissolved salts in order to obtain the ultimate cup of pure water.

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Sama media.svg

We are licensed by the Ministry of Industry Trade; our objective is to become a leading company in the media sector through our partnerships with TV channels and international organizations. We have several branches in Yemen, all of which are supervised by a highly qualified and experienced team. We are also equipped with top-notch, precision equipment.

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sinaat al mustaqel.svg

We are consultants and suppliers specializing in establishing production lines. We provide industrial machinery and equipment, which are carefully selected based on source origin, type and capability.

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smart resources.svg

Smart Resources is a leading IT company that continuously seeks to keep pace with developments in providing advanced software systems for businesses.

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taqa company.svg

Taqa Company focuses on providing integrated and innovative energy solutions, including traditional energy and alternative energy sources; this innovative solution is based on modern eco-friendly technologies aimed at reducing production costs, energy consumption and gas emissions such as carbon dioxide.

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arzaq company.png

The company owns a factory in the Arabian Sea in Hadhramout, Yemen for processing and production of fresh and frozen fish. The company has a network of partnerships of suppliers, agents, and representatives across the coastal line of Yemen who play a key role in the supply chain of various kinds of high-quality fresh fish. ‏Arzaq fisheries and aquaculture welcomes partnership with Arabian and foreign investors interested in areas of commercial fisheries, production, canning of tuna, sardine, and fish farming in Hadhramout, Yemen.

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