Bakery Company

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Bakery offers customers baking and kitchen supplies, in particular automatic bakery for Arabic bread and pastries using the modern global technologies.

Bakery is honored to place at your disposal the world’s most advanced ovens for pastries and confectionery, and automatic bakers for bread. 

We are leaders in supplying all the necessary equipment for bakeries, and pastry and pizza shops. We supply ovens, baking equipment, and furniture for shops, hotels, restaurants and more, and we supply commercial and department stores with industrial and commercial refrigerators. Our success is due to partnering with our employees which allows our management to understand technical suggestions and requirements of sweet producers, pizza chefs, and bakers, and to take these suggestions seriously.



Bakery also manufactures innovative food packaging that meets customer requirements; we can customize packaging in terms of shape, size and weight, and we offer biodegradable and recyclable packaging that can directly touch the food.

We apply the highest international standards of quality of packaging services and products. Our customers can send us samples of what they need and we can create it for them. We continuously develop designs that meet modern needs. Our products include: cardboard boxes, packaging with prominent openings, eco-friendly cardboard boxes, and other packaging products that are manufactured specifically with the following characteristics in mind: 

  • Durability and high quality.
  • Possibility for recycling.
  • Materials covering all packaging needs.