Nile Company

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Our company specializes in water treatment. We offer the perfect solution for all drinking water problems which lead to serious diseases such as kidney failure, gallstones, and hepatitis, and we purify water from impurities, undesired taste, color, odor, and remove 95%of heavy metals and dissolved salts in order to obtain the ultimate cup of pure water.

  • We specialize in treating household drinking water using water filters.
  • We specialize in treating water wells, farm water and water at tourist villages.
  • We offer exceptional post-sale services.
  • We have the best experts for maintaining all types of filters.
  • We ensure that all viruses, microbes and bacteria are eliminated in order to avoid any danger to the consumer.
  • We ensure the full elimination on diseases caused by water pollution.
  • We reduce the high percentage of excess salts in the water.
  • We dramatically reduce the cost of bottled water.




Although there are modern cooling devices available for homes, restaurants and hotels, the ice manufacturing industry is still necessary and popular both summer and winter. In fact, the ice manufacturing industry is a vital because it is one of the easiest, cost conscious and effective industries, particularly in terms of transportation. Our company boasts modern and sophisticated production lines for ice manufacturing, producing between 100 and 20.000 ice slabs per day.


If you want to invest in ice manufacturing, we can, in a short period of time, set up and deliver your own turn-key ice factory, ready for operation without you having to incur the trouble of installation, operation or engineering supervision.